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(Meanwhile, the young and hip Benjamin Britten, forever vociferating against the Fascist Beast, had scarpered across the Atlantic at, in Evelyn Waugh's phrase, "the first squeak of an air-raid warning.") Lambert's original eyewitness report to London, full of scary details about Dutch fifth-columnists and Wehrmacht parachutists who pretended to be clergymen, was considered too depressing for the airwaves.
The elections aimed basically to judge the peoples' sentiments on the demands made by the political parties as the Congress had been vociferating that it was a representative of all the religious communities living in the Subcontinent.
Also, on a patient that in the table figures as "blind and crippled", we are learning from the documents of the time that he was showing "most wild fury, vociferating without shame and uttering most wicked words" (9), an aggressive behaviour that may befit one or more psychiatric disorders.
waving his arms and vociferating" and "a woman in white laid upon a bed" (56).
The proceedings culminated with the riders moving out in formation, the thump of their bikes vociferating through the premises of India Gate, as the crowd admired the motorcycles head off towards their ultimate adventure.
According to Chief Factor John Rowand, "They were headed by a tall young man in their front who distorted his muscles and Body in every way imaginable, dancing and jumping and vociferating a Whoop to accompany every gesture which according to their custom was open defiance." (9)