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On the 9th of July, just before daybreak, a great noise and vociferation was heard in the village.
And all these scenes of violence came and went accompanied by the unrefined noise of deep vociferations proceeding from a man wounded in his paternal pride, declaring himself obviously accursed since one of his kids was a "slobbering idjut and the other a wicked she-devil.
A] turgid vociferation or effeminate whine, accompanied by the most outrageous and unnatural rants, were mistaken for the best display of the heroic and tender passions.
For example, she employs the variation "as though" for the "rooks" when imagining their "exciting experience" of the world: the rooks moved through the air "with the utmost clamour and vociferation, as though to be thrown into the air and settle slowly down upon the tree tops were a tremendously exciting experience" (442).
This is true even of the sound of a car's engine note; if you were to blindfold me I would certainly be able to identify a Maserati by the hot spittling vociferation of its engine or a Mercedes AMG by the throaty sinister burbling of its exhaust or a Chrysler K-Car by its plaintive asthmatic rattling at idle.
Generally when he had concluded a period, in the course of a dispute, by which time he was a good deal exhausted by violence and vociferation, he used to blow out his breath like a whale.
The Times noted on 20 October that after some loud vociferation of 'Off
The experts tell us that shouting is 'vociferation', denoting a scream, shout, shriek, hoot, holler, vociferation, yell, outcry.
And here Madison cannot resist turning once again to "Politicks" and established religion, this time to describe the recent experiences that justified his unseemly vociferation as well as his mood.
Les corps troubles, superposes, difformes des fantomes, la sauvagerie qui se degage de leur vociferation silencieuse, tout cela evoque aussi la puissance evocatoire, derangeante, de la peinture de Francis Bacon.
What have we learned from the mayhem political vociferation invariably creates in our economy?
The infographic sees the vociferation for new technologies like HTML 5 in enterprise app development and unveils the reasons as to why HTML 5 is emerging as the preferred choice.