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Now, as a half-smile was sufficient to awaken the irascibility of the young man, the effect produced upon him by this vociferous mirth may be easily imagined.
The windows of the office building became vociferous with applause.
They walked up the street on one side of the way, and down it on the other, what time two vociferous news- sellers, announcing an extraordinary event that had never happened and never would happen, pitched their hoarse voices into the secret chambers; but nothing came of it.
The old house creaks again, and makes a vociferous but somewhat unintelligible bellowing in its sooty throat (the big flue, we mean, of its wide chimney), partly in complaint at the rude wind, but rather, as befits their century and a half of hostile intimacy, in tough defiance.
His words were re-echoed by the whole party, with vociferous cheers.
Meantime, the cavalcade, the banners, the music, and the barouches swept past him, with the vociferous crowd in the rear, leaving the dust to settle down, and the Great Stone Face to be revealed again, with the grandeur that it had worn for untold centuries.
Aug 29 (ANI): Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is considering removing and downgrading of special envoy positions at the State Department, which would ignite vociferous opposition from some members of the Congress.
He stated when the current government is forwarding its activities by removing all barriers some empty vociferous people are trying to make disturbances.
Whether male or female, the anchorperson needs to be garrulous, vociferous and have an even more raucous voice during the heated exchange of words between the useless politicians and panelists.
Led by Chairman District Muthidda Mahaz Asataza Riaz Ahmad Tarar and office-bearers of other teachers associations, the teachers raised vociferous slogans against the government policies and called upon cancellation of transfer orders of the headmasters to other districts and divisions on flimsy grounds.
The protesters raised vociferous anti-India and carried placards such as "Indian Troops: Get Out of Kashmir", "Stop Killing Kashmiris", and "Kashmir is for Kashmiris".
vociferous, it was easy to have opinions being youngish, when years later her sister contacted me, monica missing, I could not say where she was, definitively, how long is something gone before the tragedy becomes antique, amelia earhart or your grandma's diamond ring, it was her sister called, or perhaps someone pretending.