vogue word

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ANOTHER vogue word has entered the political lexicon from America : "pushback.
Anyone who in fact advertises a wholly vegan car is probably only trying to ride a trend and make use of a vogue word," Fuegener says.
You pick the current vogue word, but the rifles are set up in a form and format where I personally would get "off the boat" anywhere on the planet and not be unarmed or under armed to fight.
The vogue word for this eighty-minute dance piece, conceived, directed, and, in collaboration with his dancers, choreographed by the artistic director, Garry Stewart, is presumably "deconstruction.
Mr Glossop claimed that although partnership was the vogue word and would lead to many disappointments for newcomers, St Modwen's long experience in the field would stand it in good stead.
The author's frequent use of the semi-bogus technical vocabulary of the social sciences makes for heavy reading, and her misuse of the vogue word 'paradigm' should warn the reader that she has acquired some of this vocabulary second hand.
That is not a vogue word but was actually used over a century ago by theologian Wilhelm Herrmann.
History' was the vogue word among commentators seeking to evoke the momentousness of the occasion.
To use the vogue word, there is no "closure", because their anger has yet to be satisfied.