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ACTIVE. The opposite, of passive. We say active debts, or debts due to us; passive debts are those we owe.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
References in classic literature ?
Oh, you clever people," said a third manly voice interrupting them both.
"Here are strangers, mama!" cried the shrill and childish voice of some unseen person.
Then was there again spoken unto me without voice: "Thou WILT not, Zarathustra?
"It can easily be seen I only imagined I heard the tiny voice! Well, well--to work once more!"
"You are of course aware that every Man has two mouths or voices -- as well as two eyes -- a bass at one and a tenor at the other of his extremities.
"No, dear, live!" said Christine's grave and changed voice. "And...good-by.
'I know you are a friend, the little voice went on; 'a dear friend, and an old friend.
I could have killed Strickland then, and I knew that my voice was trembling when I bade the nurse goodbye.
The shipwrecked man, hearing another voice in the room, looked round slowly over his shoulder.
His voice was deep, like an organ; it was some time, however, before Jurgis thought of the voice--he was too much occupied with his eyes to think of what the man was saying.
He thought Roscoe Sherriff had a beastly voice. He resented Roscoe Sherriff's voice.
A fish-hawk, which, secure on the topmost branches of a dead pine, had been a distant spectator of the fray, now swooped form his high and ragged perch, and soared, in wide sweeps, above his prey; while a jay, whose noisy voice had been stilled by the hoarser cries of the savages, ventured again to open his discordant throat, as though once more in undisturbed possession of his wild domains.