voice change

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McKenzie (1956) was the first to establish singing through the voice change using what he coins the "'comfortable range' policy." (p.
An exploratory study of voice change associated with healthy speakers after transcutaneous electrical stimulation to laryngeal muscles.
(1,3,4) We present you a rare case of thyroid pathology, initially thought to be carcinoma because of features of respiratory distress and voice change, but histopathology examination revealed it to be a diffuse lipomatosis of thyroid gland.
This was also the gender with greater prevalence and severity of self-reported voice change. The role of women in society and the overloads of the work assigned to them can contribute to the occurrence of vocal problems [23].
We recommend early doctor's visit for any unusual symptoms, like difficulty or painful swallowing or breathing, a mass or ulcer in the head and neck area, or voice change longer than two weeks.
A sore throat or voice change that persists more than three weeks.
The ENT camp will delve into problem likes: Recurrent Cold & Headache (Sinusitis), Allergic Rhinitis, Recurrent Sore Throat, Discharge in Ears, Voice Change or hoarseness, Snoring etc.
Identification of at least four of six clinical features (cough after swallow, voice change after swallow, abnormal volitional cough, abnormal gag reflex, dysphonia, and dysarthria) was associated with poor swallowing outcomes at admission and discharge from the hospital.
There is definitely a voice change. This album is definitely on another level.
"There's no question that treating low libido with testosterone is effective, but there's a long list of possible side effects, including hirsutism, voice change, acne, and clitoral enlargement," explained Judith Gerber, Ph.D., a medical psychologist at the University of Vermont, Burlington.
Menarche, voice change, breast development, shaving, expectations of sex, the decision to have sex, the experience of sex, and how girls and boys manage their emotions and selves throughout all of these new experiences are discussed within this greater context.