voice disapproval

See: reprehend
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Former 1980 League Cup winner Mel Eves insists his criticism of Moxey last weekend was an attempt to question the role of the CEO and to voice disapproval at a lack of accountability at the club.
McGurk acknowledges he has produced many of his better performances this season away from Prenton Park, where elements of the home support can be quick to voice disapproval when he attempts a pass, shot or manoeuvre that goes wrong.
Season tickets have sold well but the buyers expect success and won't be slow to voice disapproval if Rangers fail to land at least a few new players.
Robert Weisskirch, MSW, PhD, California State University, Monterey Bay (Seaside, CA) noted that parents can use a cell phone to extend their parenting reach: to monitor an adolescent's whereabouts and activities, track their schoolwork, offer support, voice disapproval or criticism, or discipline their teen, for example.
Some political parties and groups were quick to voice disapproval.
A member of Spirit of Shankly, the fans' group set up as a forum to voice disapproval over how Hicks Sr and George Gillett are running the club, contacted Tom Hicks Jnr (left).
This is America, and it is her right to voice disapproval of whatever the government is doing.
The pickets were set up by American Eagle flight attendants, members of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, who chose the action to voice disapproval at a continued lack of a new contract.
While it is right to voice disapproval if a player is not doing his best, there's a big difference in this and getting on his back every time he makes a mistake.
Filming everything with off-the-cuff immediacy and injecting her own heartfelt reflections, Law etches a memorable portrait of a family prepared to voice disapproval of their government's mandatory detention of refugees--in this case an unaccompanied minor.
Simply Dyer cannot appear even as a substitute against Spurs on Saturday when 50,000 Geordies will be ready to voice disapproval whereas last night the crowd was a paltry 35,387, many of whom were not Geordie but England neutrals.