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Max, Bulgarias first commercial provider of 4G LTE mobile services, has selected GENBAND fring telecom OTT to launch its new Voicer application.
In all, four unique styles are posited: (a) no-action; (b) voice actions only; (c) voice and private actions; (d) voice, private, and third-party actions; corresponding to passive, voicer, irate, and activist segments.
Earth Voicers provide a strong financial platform of support for ACF, allowing us to plan ahead with more confidence and reduce administration costs and paper usage," Mr Beveridge said.
Currently, ``Simpsons'' voicers earn less than $35,000 per episode for two half-days of work, Variety said.
2) voicers, buyers who exhibited both no-action, and voice complaint behavior, and were likely to complain to the firm and to engage in negative word-of-mouth behavior;
Voicers generate tones and adjust the hammers by shaving pieces of wood and felt until each note sounds as it should.
In recent years, we've been seeing a shrinkage not only in the length of radio voicers and TV news bites, and in the number of columns available for news in the papers, but also a narrowing of the information base that audiences can be expected to possess.