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Minkoff, who hit pay dirt stirring the disparate voices of Jeremy Irons, Matthew Broderick, Lane and James Earl Jones into ``The Lion King,'' uses musical analogies when he talks about animated voice work.
With muted voices many Baptist women faithfully served their churches and conventions anyway.
Currently, several Nuance-created custom voices can be heard around the world in various languages, including English, French and German, and in a variety of industries, from financial services to telecommunications.
TRUST AG, founded 2000, is a leading producer of secure authentication solutions via biometric voice verification.
Voice Query Language technology is embedded in a variety of personal and business applications that are becoming more popular in today's mobile world, including geographic information systems, off- and on-board navigation, digital imaging and multimedia-on-demand, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, sales force automation and business intelligence applications.
rVoice offers a portfolio of male and female UK, US and Australian voices, with different regional accents and different speaking styles.
The "Voice Internet Platform" will provide voice-accessibility to many services that are currently available in today's Internet environments, such as voice access to traffic information, weather reports, and stock quotes.
While "Mya" is the standard female voice for the Mya Voice Platform systems, other voices and `personalities' can be readily substituted to suit the audio and language interface requirements of the service operator.
With our "Many Voices of DSL" partner program, we strive to educate the industry and offer the most compelling solutions available in broadband access," said Jennifer Stagnaro, vice president of marketing at CopperCom.
With this merger, CopperCom is leading the Voice over DSL (VoDSL) market into the next phase of evolution beyond pure transport by expanding its service provider offerings to include local exchange switching, standard voice calling features, and revolutionary personalized calling features.
CopperCom(TM), a Silicon Valley company that is Giving Voice to DSL(TM), and PairGain(R) Technologies, Inc.