void check

See: bad check
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Fasson PET Void Check Matte Chrome is for tamper-evident labels, displaying an irreversible checker board effect when tampered with.
On a blank line in the Check Register (Click on the Icon for Accts and then double-dick on your checking account): Enter in today's date--Enter the check #--For the payee enter VOID CHECK (I create this as an Other Name)--Skip the amount fields--In the account, enter Void Check (I create an Other Expense type account).
Another technique allows a charity to use bank validation software which means the professional doesn't require the void check.
We're not having to void checks, reissue paper checks, all the busy work that happens with checks and with a clientele like students.
For example, many states presume that all outstanding checks, void checks, account receivable credit balances, and write-offs of such items constitute unclaimed property.
Accommodates up to 5,000 vendors; stores detail vendor history; processes void checks and vendor credit memos; includes pop-up vendor lists and cards; automatically selects invoices due for payment; and allows you to choose the ones you want to pay, in whole or in part.
Miller also values the ability to use a laser printer instead of a dot-matric one, eliminating the need to void checks "eaten" by the printer during alignments.
Although only managers were authorized to void checks, the ringleader had discovered that he could memorize the code on a manager's security key when it was in view.