void of truth

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Likewise, the claim that there exists coordination between the Egyptian and the Israeli side in this matter is a matter completely void of truth.
Speaking to FNA on Saturday, Director of Al Alam TV network in Damascus Hossein Mortaza pointed to the rumors about assassination of Maher Asssad by his driver, and stated, "We have information substantiating that these rumors are void of truth and are sheer lies.
AN NAHAR quoted Youssef as saying on Tuesday during a press conference that "Campaigns against officials from a previous political period have been escalating recently in a way that seeks to continue implementing the political coup, and distorting financial facts through using inaccurate information and wrong conclusions void of truth or objectivity.
mobilized, not because it has worth in and of itself, or with an imitative and cathartic aim, but to raise the void of Truth up to the point at which dialectical sequential linking is suspended'.