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The relationship between volatile sulfur compounds and major halitosisinducing factors.
However, concentrations of all volatile sulfur compounds decreased in both irradiated and nonirradiated samples when they were stored.
Another company in the field, TheraBreath, uses oxygenating compounds to neutralize anaerobic bacteria and the volatile sulfur compounds that are their unfortunate byproduct.
However, understanding of how volatile sulfur compounds form and evolve under different wine closures is still developing.
Yaegaki and Sanada (24) found that bleeding on probing and periodontal pocket depths positively correlated with production of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs).
Volatile sulfur compounds responsible for reductive aromas in wine are mainly derived from yeast metabolism.
DenTek president and chief executive officer John Jansheski says the key to the products' effectiveness is an ingredient called OraSan, which neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds and fights the anaerobic bacteria that can create them.
The Halimeter is an electrochemical gas detector that senses the volatile sulfur compounds that produce the malodors.
Most bad breath comes from volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that are produced by oxygen-free anaerobic bacteria that thrive on the back of the tongue," says president and chief executive officer John Jansheski.
More effective than mouthwashes or mints, it treats bad breath at the source by removing volatile sulfur compounds, the primary source of halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath.