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Volatile sulfur compounds are typical components of spoiled fish and most of the specific spoilage bacteria produce one or several volatile sulfides.
In particular, the present invention relates to novel lactic acid bacteria belonging to the genus Weissella, which can inhibit the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria producing volatile sulfur compounds by interacting with them and generating hydrogen peroxide under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
The remaining 24 papers present original research on a variety of topics, examples of which include cell culture models to assess bioactivity of functional foods and dietary supplements, assessment of antioxidant activity of phytopolyphenols in cell culture systems, antioxidant capacity of phenolic extracts from selected food by-products, antioxidant and anti-cancer activities of green and black tea polyphenols, impact of berry phytochemicals on human health, formation of off-odorants during light exposure of milk and its inhibition by antioxidants, and control of irradiation-induced lipid oxidation and volatile sulfur compounds using antioxidants in raw meat and ready-to-eat meat products.