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Meanwhile, the solvent-water can further volatilize. Furthermore, at low speed, the solution will recycle into reclaim tank because of weight, leading to a waste of solutions.
The high pressure and temperature volatilize or burn off most of the pollutants, even those in the exhaust gases," reducing the potential for acid rain and other pollution related problems.
Divisions actively and perpetually volatilize all social relations.
"We expected the pesticides would volatilize and move outdoors or just dilute," Lioy says.
In addition, chlorine can volatilize, creating fumes that pose a hazard to plant personnel.
* Vacuum vessel: Vacuum applied by a venturi generator reduces the boiling point of water, causing moisture in the pellets to volatilize and escape the pellet into the low-pressure environment.
Both of these methods aid with color and tannin extraction, and as a side benefit, they can volatilize and disperse certain unwanted compounds such as pyrazines in under-ripe or cool-climate Bordeaux varieties.
A flux designed for Pb-free processing can volatilize and vent until 217 [degrees] C when used with SAC alloy, but its outgassing paths will close off at 183 [degrees] C if used with SnPb solders.
Turpentine compounds volatilize from the wood chips at cooking temperature, 165-180[degrees]C.
They've shown that pesticides can volatilize unexpectedly in certain conditions, especially in extreme heat--so even though time has elapsed since a crop spraying, it still may not be safe for children to go near the fields.