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Meanwhile, the solvent-water can further volatilize.
Barium, chromium, strontium and titanium do not volatilize or their volatility at oil shale retorting is low (volatilization percentage [less than or equal to] 10%).
They've shown that pesticides can volatilize unexpectedly in certain conditions, especially in extreme heat--so even though time has elapsed since a crop spraying, it still may not be safe for children to go near the fields.
This, as in the dead-horse arum, helps volatilize what is (to us) a foul smell.
Mercury released from broken thermometers may enter the water supply through drains or volatilize into indoor air.
Both raw materials and product volatilize between 300 |degrees~ C and 400 |degrees~ C.
This heat serves to volatilize flavor, causing a significant loss of aroma.
In some extreme cases, the scale may even be a liquid which simply drips from the surface, or it may volatilize at operational temperatures.
Vacuum vessel: Vacuum applied by a venturi generator reduces the boiling point of water, causing moisture in the pellets to volatilize and escape the pellet into the low-pressure environment.
In the package environment these inhibitors surround the parts and volatilize to form a protective molecular layer.
This could be an indicator that resinous softwood (such as southern pine) extractive material is more volatile (terpenes and pinenes) than extractives in red and white oak, or that the changing vapor pressures due to elevated drying temperatures cause these extractive materials to volatilize.
A flux designed for Pb-free processing can volatilize until 217[degrees]C when used with SAC alloy solders, but its outgassing paths will be closed at 183[degrees]C if used with SnPb solders.