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Additionally, the evoked and volitional sEMG with FES were similar; however, it should be considered that the sample was small and that all subjects were able-bodied.
Additionally, the graded exercise test was designed to push the participants to the point of volitional fatigue.
Volitional inhibition of the PAG is mediated by acetylcholine and GABA balance at this location.
Two instruments--the Pediatric Volitional Questionnaire (PVQ; Basu et al., 2008) and the Volitional Questionnaire (VQ; de las Heras et al., 2007)--can assist with this understanding.
4 patients who had a canal body ratio in the moderate compression group had volitional voiding.
The test started at a running speed of 8 km x [h.sup.-1] with a stepwise 0.5 km x [h.sup.-1] speed increment every 30 sec until the subject stopped due to volitional exhaustion (25).
He makes an impassioned plea that they should not rest content with methods of natural theology that seek to prove the existence of an abstract first principle but instead do their philosophizing (i.e., wisdom-seeking) from within the intellectual and volitional context of Gethsemane and the Pauline experience of transformative grace (121, 205).
Two simulations were created per subject, one using generic and one using subject-specific isometric force and maximum volitional activation model parameters based on experimentally measured data.
Arguably, the Buddha seems to have tacitly accepted a minimalistic sense of "free will" involving wholesome volitional regulation in connection with progress along the Buddhist path.
Without making too much of the correspondence between Jesus's language and modern anthropological terminology, it is significant that some form of these four dimensions--the affective, volitional, corporeal, and cognitive--have perdured as touchstones of anthropological analysis in the Christian tradition as well as in the secular sciences.
The report cites five dimensions of failure for wellness programs: Dispensing clinical advice that has a sound scientific basis; avoiding inappropriate false positive diagnoses; reducing costs; demonstrating that savings are theoretically achievable; and ensuring volitional employee acceptance.