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Moser argues that the evidence a perfectly loving being worthy of worship would make available would be offered on God's own morally sensitive and volitionally challenging terms.
2max] obtained by cross-referencing the final level and shuttle number (completed) at which the subject volitionally exhausted with that of the [VO.
Dorsher and McIntosh reported an individual with SCI becoming "completely continent of urine and able to void volitionally after treatment with electroacupuncture.
At some point you get your arms around the problem, and you see that this guy has sort of volitionally turned himself away from identification with grownup men because he feels that the grownups are hypocritical and superficial and the younger part of him wanted a more true and serious supporting parent.
However, studies during wakefulness are confounded by behavioural influences since a maximal inhalation to TLC is likely to activate upper airway muscles volitionally.
A music-specific volitionally controlled mechanism is operational in engagements with musical pitch.
Instead we must allow ourselves to be "transformed volitionally in a way that gives us reception of otherwise missed available evidence of divine reality" (14).
Dialectics perceives the myriad of social relations not as an ineffable organism, but as a complex nexus of interrelated institutions and processes, of volitionally conscious and acting individuals and their dynamic relations.
Fish spawned volitionally approximately 36 hours after hormone implantation, and eggs were collected and stocked into aerated 100-L incubation tanks (24-26[degrees]C).
The prototypical situation expressed by an implied-result verb is one in which an agent volitionally performs an action with the intention that a certain resulting state will occur, and that it is likely to occur.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court held that misrepresentations are inherently volitional, and therefore misrepresentations are not accidents, not occurrences and therefore not covered: "Neither case law nor common sense supports an Interpretation of 'accidental occurrence' that would have included misrepresentations volitionally made with the particular intent to induce.