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Fourth, in Cohens discussion of volitive forms, he apparently makes no allowance for their use after waw in purpose or result clauses.
However, H1(b) posits that entrepreneurial volitive desire will have a greater impact on individuals who have an intention to start a business with an orientation for growth as compared to those who seek to start a business with an orientation to become independent.
Its primary meaning is volitive (32a) and it is always followed by the subjunctive form of the verb.
There are many metaphors that speak about the volcano and the earthquake as if they had agentivity and volitive control, although they are natural unanimated phenomena.
A sampling of topics: rendering traditional Mongolian script, rules for morphological analysis of Bangla verbs for universal networking language, a grammar-based unsupervised method of mining volitive words, two cores in Chinese negation system, and the function of fixed word combination in Chinese chunk parsing.
The components of competency are: knowledge, abilities and practical, emotional, attitudinal, volitive, aesthetical and social aspects.
Aristotle defines recollection as a search of something corporal for an image (17), especially for people who possess a volitive activity, because the volitive activity is a kind of syllogism (18).
Considering that sport, and life cycle sport are activities that demand to be strong, to have superior volitive skills, autonomy, be challenging, set up objectives, meet aims, grow as person, adapt to different environments and changes, and for that purpose, establish positive relationship with the others, be healthy and maintain self control, is for that reason we will stop into this concept and the analysis of psychological well-being and its involvement in sport, and sport psychology, from Carol Ryff perspective.