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(293) The role of the United States as an increasingly involved outside power, moreover, has likely contributed to the volubility of confrontational rhetoric and to the risk of a more widespread conflagration.
Volubility is not always a dangerous quality, though it can certainly be an annoying one.
Her bodily reactions to the screen (as for example to The Big Easy) were thus matched by her volubility, to which she added a third element: a hypersensitivity to the architectural space of the cinema or screening room she inhabited.
If the persona of Hawthorne's Hester is marked by mysterious silence, Sarah's character is marked by aggressive volubility. She writes bitter letters to her relatives and friends openly telling them how she has seduced a number of both male and female lovers and how she has fattened her bank accounts misusing funds from the Ashram.
Volubility as a mediator in the associations between conversational language measures and child temperament.
The true logos falls silent in the presence of the highest (ineffable) truth, but the art object cherishes its volubility, it cherishes itself not the truth and wishes to be indistructible and eternal.
Inexpressibility is replaced by volubility: Macartney's mother relates "all the particulars" of her affair with Belmont, presumably including the ups and downs of her affection for him.
Widening the frame of reference beyond the Jewish American predicaments of Schwartz and Nemerov, or Reznikoff and Zukofsky, a related dynamic reveals itself with reference to several of Kunitz's Massachusetts contemporaries, including John Ciardi, Jack Kerouac, and Charles Olson, who, for all of their volubility, learned to mute those dimensions of their practice--whether Southern Italian, French Canadian, Irish and Swedish, or, more generally, Catholic--that did not conform to the Yankee ideal.
speech, unsteady gait, euphoria, increased activity, volubility,
'"I Shall Then Have a Clean Sheet': Feminine Integrity and Volubility in Middleton's Tragi-comedies." Performing Gender and Desire in Middleton's Drama.
On landing they gave expression to their feelings with some volubility. They were not at all downhearted or discontented, but laughed and joked, and also attempted to get up a sort of jovial conversation with those around them.
He was caricatured as a dandy in contemporary circles, who according to Daniels and O'Kane combined "louche Tory Byronism with the volubility of the aristocratic stage Irishman!" (42).