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The voluble Digby Jones will be hitting our TV screens fighting the business corner with renewed vigour
They have maintained a barrage of voluble support without resorting to anything more excitable than premature excursions on to the pitch.
And just to rub it in, the Brighton Braggart forecasts that the equally voluble British and Commonwealth champion, Carl Froch, will make more of his career than Joe.
Only a single-minded, voluble and lengthy campaign setting aside political differences will convince the Government that the West Midlands wants to be a serious player on the transport scene.
Y se llama camaleon al voluble, al que se acomoda a la situacion mas ventajosa, haciendo alusion a la capacidad del animal de cambiar de color segun las condiciones ambientales.
Always the first with a gaseous expellation, a voluble eruption or a four-lettered outburst, he represents all that is terrible and wonderful about the Antipodes.
The verdict ended an occasionally tumultuous 11-week trial in which Judge Leslie Light repeatedly admonished the voluble McDougal to refrain from speaking out of turn.
Proud, commanding bowing brought an extra element of compulsion to the opening rhetoric, a voluble vibrato entirely in-keeping with these larger-than-life gestures.
Even so, ``The Cider House Rules'' succeeds on a number of fronts, perhaps most in conveying its affection for Irving's book and in its passionate conviction that rich, voluble novels and live theater can enlarge the imagination like no other art forms.
Some of the Azzuri's more voluble supporters were enthusiastically celebrating their team's win over Norway when French authorities mistook them for yobs.
It's the saxophone, bass and drums that handle the voluble end, with Sunna's newest material auguring well for the next album.
We were impressed by anyone who could be so loud, rude, voluble, obnoxious, flashing-eyed and asinine.