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Carwyn always thanked her volubly and frequently pressed some of his gifts on to her, then looked over the balcony dreamily as she carried them down the outside stairs, sometimes stopping for a life-saving return to sanity with a chat to the Italians downstairs.
The resulting transcripts, notes, and interviews compose the evidentiary heart of Stangneth's account, opening an extraordinary window onto this unrepentantly partisan, disconcertingly candid, and volubly self-justifying society of perpetrators.
Although there have been exceptions such as Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan and Irrfan, most Indian actors who land Hollywood roles have been satisfied playing sidekicks -- from the volubly sensational Mallika Sherawat to budding actor Ali Fazal.
This means that on one hand, the independence debate has at times mirrored one of those pivotal periods in any family when a younger sibling decides, volubly, to leave home and frankly, if there's no desire to remain, we can only encourage the sibling's departure, replete with our best wishes.
But you haven't moved up, you're still a researcher,' Victor continued, volubly.
Marienbad, its self-enclosed mirroring and hush a commentary on all that could not be spoken about Algeria at the time of its making in France, in its composite building of a sanatorium hotel from images of different palaces around Munich, and in its terminal uncertainty, speaks volubly about dislocation across Europe in the last century.
What indeed was so big or great about Tahirul Qadri that the hierarchs from top down below the ladder were over these past few days all taken over conspicuously and volubly in running him down?
When "the universities--the institution to which he had devoted the better part of his life and which, with all its faults, came closer than any other to embodying the values he so volubly professed--came under assault by the radicals of the Left .
IN The Ballad Of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde famously wrote that "each man kills the thing he loves" and surely the time has arrived for the Sky Blue song of lamentation - which has gone on for so long now, but most volubly this season - needs to come to an end.
She was active, spoke forcefully and volubly, and clearly had a gift of the gab.
Even doing that too volubly led to the expulsion of Turkey's ambassador to Egypt.
He says a few words to the PRIEST, who salaams, and replies volubly at some length.