voluntary decision

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However that is not the primary problem with strengthening punishments against people who sell or consume food during fasting hours; observing religious customs should not be mandatorily enforced on people, it is a voluntary decision.
It was a voluntary decision and no one was forced to leave.
The Dentons report was a consequence of a voluntary decision by the Board to turnaround Eskom which, at the time, had been ravaged by leadership instability and economic-depleting load shedding.
What is now certain is that what is happening is a depreciation and not "a devaluation, because it would mean a voluntary decision of the Tunisian authorities" and that "devaluation is not in the pipeline" for the Tunisian financial authorities, as indicated by Governor of the BCT Chedli Ayari in a statement to African Manager.
A voluntary decision encompasses two elements, freedom of choice and an informed decision which requires the availability of enough accurate and objective information upon which to base the decision.
Dak however emphasized that unlike a number of scholarships for studies which can be distributed in equal numbers to students from different regions, states, counties or ethnic groups if so decided, enrolling in the army is mainly a voluntary decision of the individual from any ethnic group, state or region.
Jonathan Isaby, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, added: "The fact Facebook has taken a voluntary decision to change its structure so it pays more corporation tax just goes to show how absurd the system has become.
Gatchalian also said that inhibition was a voluntary decision.
Athens Bancshares Corporation (NASDAQ: AFCB), the holding company for Athens Federal Community Bank, National Association, has announced its voluntary decision to delist its common stock from the NASDAQ Stock Market and deregister its common stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
For example, Turkey's participation in resolving the refugee crisis is its own and is an absolutely voluntary decision, according to Mamikins.
IFC and partners like AfDB can't impose their will on governments to improve their investment climate; it's a voluntary decision for governments to take by themselves," Mkapa added.
who though competent but cannot make voluntary decision based on their position in a particular social set up.

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