voluntary oversight

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'In keeping with the needs of fast-evolving consumer and industry trends, the proposed amendments reflect an initiative to fill the gaps for consumer protection within the electronic content industry, and emphasises the need for voluntary oversight over content for individuals and organisations,' Mohd Mustaffa Fazil added.
The DQSA was introduced to the House floor on September 27, 2013 to amend the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act by providing voluntary oversight and closing the legal--but unethical--loopholes that until now, have allowed large-scale compounding pharmacies to operate under the radar and skirt both state and federal regulations.
Among the topics are the development of pharmacy in history as a healing profession, communication, ethics, careers for pharmacy technicians, government and voluntary oversight of pharmacy, and using and writing for the pharmacy literature.
MEPs decided to more or less follow the Commission's proposal by including unlimited financial liability for damage caused by serious negligence or a voluntary oversight and the possibility for member states to limit liability if the accident was caused by negligence or carelessness.
Financial information about Hinn's ministry is hard to come by, because it is not listed with voluntary oversight bodies.
Hopefully the problems exposed this year will lead to a major fine tuning of the federal and voluntary oversight of the nation's organ and tissue donation and transplantation system.
Oversight organizations are professional organizations that disseminate information and provide voluntary oversight by evaluating credentialing systems.
The DPG, consisting of these regulators and representatives of six major firms dealing in derivatives, has issued what it refers to as a voluntary oversight framework to address public policy issues raised by over-the-counter (OTC) - that is, nonexchange traded - derivatives activities.
Unlike other mega-churches, Parsley's World harvest has never applied for membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a voluntary oversight group that encourages evangelical ministries to spend contributions wisely.
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