voluntary relinquishment

See: waiver
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I believe the protesters were killed by accident and that [Mubarak] did not order it," he said, adding that Mubarak's voluntary relinquishment of power is something that should be praised.
Sandman's voluntary relinquishment of his license May 12, 2010.
With the voluntary relinquishment of the unimplemented Helwick licence, it will go some way to meeting this council's expressed preference of future dredging being confined to deeper water in the outer Bristol Channel.
Findings show discussion of voluntary relinquishment to be positively associated with adoption and full disclosure to be negatively associated with reunification.
24) Subjects may also elect to resolve the complaint through a voluntary relinquishment of license in lieu of further disciplinary action.
In the judiciary as well there has been a trend towards voluntary relinquishment of local authority to the federal institutions.
6, 1995, but who failed to furnish a signed statement of voluntary relinquishment of US.
He signed a voluntary relinquishment of his license in March 2009, agreeing never to apply again for the license in Florida, and the state attorney's office in Polk County agreed to drop the extortion charge.

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