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Catholic voluntary worker Peter McTasney was shot dead by a UVF gang at his home on the outskirts of North Belfast 25 years ago.
Mr Rackham, a voluntary worker, said he took the film after reading about the screen's removal in the ECHO.
Crack-cocaine mum is also a 'dedicated voluntary worker' A MUM caught for the second time with crack cocaine avoided jail after a judge heard she was a dedicated voluntary worker.
TOUCHING EVIL Drama, 9pm In this week's episode, a former voluntary worker tries to wipe out painful memories of the Bosnian conflict by murdering his old colleagues.
VOLUNTARY worker extraordinaire Helen Stockwell is this year's Guisborough town council's Citizen of the Year.
One exemption would be if the intern works as a voluntary worker as the NMW does provide that in certain circumstances, voluntary workers are not entitled to the national minimum wage.
The flood is inundating thousands of houses in Citangkil and Jombang sub-districts," voluntary worker Samsul said.
The drama will focus on how he confided in Janet Leach, the voluntary worker who sat in on his police interviews.
Norma Trotter from Elland spent many years working for the Deep Sea Fishermen's Mission and is a voluntary worker at her Methodist church.
Govan, a 21-year-old voluntary worker from Leicester, got on the wrong side of viewers because of his gossiping and received 74 per cent of the vote.
A VOLUNTARY worker faces major plastic surgery to repair her damaged nose after it was partly bitten off by another woman.
Voluntary worker Tony, of Longsight, Manchester, added: "My son threatened to shave it off when I was asleep after I turned 60 so I thought I'd beat him to it.