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Ejus enim intellectus, & voluntas circa res creatas, & earum ordinem in respectu suae essentiae, & perfectionis, perinde est, quomodocunque concipiatur.
This identification of beauty with God leads to a rereading of the beloved's physicality itself, which might be vindicated, and experienced without moral danger, only with a change in her voluntas. The body might be seen, in purely Neo-Platonic fashion, as the recipient of the highest good --the rational soul-- and as a reality that has to be dignified as befits its role as such; we would thus be progressing from a Petrarchan, misogynistic archetype towards the Neo-Platonic ideal.
1997 "Overall Evaluation of Economic Theories." Voluntas 8:179-204.
Hodgkinson eds., 1990); Wojciech Sokolowski, Show Me the Way to the Next Worthy Deed: Toward a Microstructural Theory of Volunteering and Giving, 7(3) VOLUNTAS 259 (1996).
Laurentius used pro ratione voluntas to describe papal power:
The phrase |Fiat voluntas tua', which closes the setting of In monte Oliveti, is present in the St Mark's and contemporary Roman use (Roman Officium, f.45); the phrase is omitted from the text of the responsory in the modern Liber usualis.
Examples of the scholarly literature can be found in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Voluntas, Nonprofit Management & Leadership, and the publications of the Independent Sector research forums.
Ridevall weighs the "will" (voluntas) of Tarquinius against that of Lucretia and declares that hers is entirely pure, while Tarquinius's is entirely depraved.
Il primo definisce la giustizia "constans et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuendi"; il secondo "l'abito secondo il quale qualcuno attribuisce a ciascuno il suo diritto con volonta costante e perpetua" (Tommaso, 1999: 58).
Voluntas and amor--corresponding to the Holy Spirit--indicate therefore an element of spiritual affection of the verbum that was lacking in the Greek metaphysics of the logos.
Padre Hijo Espiritu Santo unitas veritas bonitas aetemitas species usus ratio principiandi ratio exemplandi ratio finiendi omnipotentia omniscientia voluntas seu benevolentia No siempre emplea los mismos terminos, pero en unas y otras enumeraciones el fundamento que las justifica es semejante.
Consideramos un acierto del autor el haberse adentrado en esta tematica, habitualmente relegada en las monografias que analizan textos legales, porque su analisis permite conocer adecuadamente la mens y la voluntas legislatoris.

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