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Like dragons, the alligator, as Gilbert Durand says, is an image of liquidity and the night, "vermicular, swarming animality, voraciousness and ferocity, tides and thunder, the scaly, sticky, shadowy aspect of 'thick water'" (Les Structures anthropologiques de l'imaginaire, Paris: Bordas, 1969, translated by the author).
In the modern world, with the voraciousness of the press and prevalence of social network sites, not to mention the role of agents, it is much more difficult to do business in the old fashioned way.
I believe that one could even deprive a healthy beast of prey of its voraciousness if one could force it with a whip to eat continuously whether it were hungry or not.
The Comic Characters are rich and varied; the laughable voraciousness of the hungry "Jarvis," the bluff humour of the "Beef-eater," the expose [sic] of the fanatical Maw-worm, "Dr.
New York's largest office landlord didn't shy away from deals this past year, and the value of the REIT reflects that voraciousness.
Demonstrating the voraciousness of the post-1974 appetite for CBs, FCC data show approximately 800,000 licensed CB users during the 1966-73 period, but 12,250,000 licensed users by the end of 1977 (Jensen and Meckling 1994).
Is not evil "realized" in the atheist world created by man in the image of the finite I, marked with suffering, irremediably drenched by death worthy of the voraciousness of Chronos?
of evidentiary voraciousness as a symptom of a resistance to the
12), the most astounding thing about Martorell is his voraciousness.
The difference between Conrad's rendition of entering the hell within and Greene's is that Greene invariably suggests that at the heart of narcissism and selfishness lies the possibility of redemption--whereas Conrad suggests a dark and primal voraciousness.
Introducing the concept of voraciousness as a theoretical variation of omnivorousness, they note the significance of frequency of participation (voracious pattern of consumption) in addition to the omnivorous contents of consumption of various leisure activities.
Thus, the historical necessity of Dib's model has as much to do with revisiting Algeria in his collection of stories as it does with the historicity of the contemporary period for us, for the parallels between then and now are quite apparent: inter-imperialist rivalry for control of the Middle East, deep-rooted racism and sexism, super exploitation of labor and global resources, asymmetrical development between the center and periphery topographies which surpasses the apex of Western imperialism, and the conspicuous disparity between the voraciousness of corporate accumulation and the deprivation of basic necessities of entire populations, as the recent capitalist crisis reveals.