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There, they began decimating aquatic species including endangered mussels and snails, and outmatched native fish through sheer voraciousness. Current efforts are focused on keeping Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, where they could cause even more extensive ecological damage.
Betty's embedded tale recounts the unbelievable voraciousness of one Jinny Cropper, who walks from Leeds to Halton to attend her uncle's funeral, and consumes so much food and drink while there that the Manchester Mercury reports on it the following Tuesday.
As discussed in more detail below, it is in negligence cases that proximate cause most often applies, "contain ling] the voraciousness of the negligence principle within tolerable bounds." (160)
IT ALL BEGAN WITH Critical Practice, the 1980 New Accents volume that introduced Catherine Belsey to an international audience and laid out what were to become some of the signature features of her work: namely, a passionate embrace of theoretical inquiry, a strong antipathy to the moralizing and the empiricism that imbued one strand of twentieth-century British criticism, and an intellectual voraciousness that refused to be tethered to a particular genre or period.
A list of such themes must inevitably be selective and Ackroyd deliberately chooses those which have proved to be most fruitful in inspiring people to write, even though they are not usually made part of the city's "official" history, such as criminality, voraciousness and magic.
(Certainly the history of the last century provides us with ample reasons to think this.) Or are we looking at the voraciousness of nature, the war of all with all, which one of the two "planners" is oblivious of?
Desi's openness to Odin becomes a sign of her sexual availability or more accurately, a sign of her voraciousness. As Hugo says when attempting to stoke the fires of Odin's jealousy: "White girls are snakey.
Like dragons, the alligator, as Gilbert Durand says, is an image of liquidity and the night, "vermicular, swarming animality, voraciousness and ferocity, tides and thunder, the scaly, sticky, shadowy aspect of 'thick water'" (Les Structures anthropologiques de l'imaginaire, Paris: Bordas, 1969, translated by the author).
In the modern world, with the voraciousness of the press and prevalence of social network sites, not to mention the role of agents, it is much more difficult to do business in the old fashioned way.
I believe that one could even deprive a healthy beast of prey of its voraciousness if one could force it with a whip to eat continuously whether it were hungry or not...
The Comic Characters are rich and varied; the laughable voraciousness of the hungry "Jarvis," the bluff humour of the "Beef-eater," the expose [sic] of the fanatical Maw-worm, "Dr.
New York's largest office landlord didn't shy away from deals this past year, and the value of the REIT reflects that voraciousness.