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It is their very voracity that keeps their numbers down to a point which permits other forms of life to persist, for even in the season of love the great males often turn upon their own mates and devour them, while both males and females occasionally devour their young.
But the clerical position had not been forthcoming, either for Letty or her, and day by day their little hoard dwindled, though the room rent remained normal and the stove consumed coal with undiminished voracity.
The escalating voracity of freight looting -- the theft of goods off the back of fleet vehicles, sometimes while moving -- was highlighted in a recent Carte Blanche insert.
It is a shift from an economic structure and approach based on selfishness and voracity, to one that serves self-interest through selflessness by developing businesses that serve the wider community and the good of humanity.
The Wormwoods' revulsion at their daughter's reading voracity reflects the current epidemic of smart-shaming in our midst.
These destructive situations have their origin in the dominant world order, which in its voracity, overstated by profit and appropriation of the common goods, generates violence, promotes inequalities, and destroys Mother Earth.
The fact that I've served half a century of hostile captivity, which I shall die in, testifies to the voracity of my predictions and the absence of any regrets," he told Druker.
Frank and I became colleagues and long term firm friends and I'm still astonished by his energy, voracity and banter.
That, coupled with the prevalence of smartphones and consumers' voracity for e-commerce, makes this region a great business opportunity for us.
To conclude those benefits, let us say that fasting, standing (at night in prayer), remembrance of Allah The Almighty and reduction of food, drink and desire in Ramadan break the soul's voracity, greediness, wrongness and transgression.
As triumphant nation-states demonstrated, success came through the imposition of violence, not any cultural institution even if time healed their voracity.
We are working closely with Iraqi and Kurdish authorities to try to get more information to confirm the voracity of these reports," he said.