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The red-nosed man did as he was desired, and instantly commenced on the toast with fierce voracity.
As for Kit himself (whose laugh had been all the time one of that sort which very little would change into a cry) he carried a large slice of bread and meat and a mug of beer into a corner, and applied himself to disposing of them with great voracity.
What the market really needs, and IRI is now delivering in Voracity, is one platform seamlessly integrating all essential data management activities," Mangino noted.
Due to its high reproductive rate, high voracity, high dispersal rate, and resistance development against insecticides (Yang et al.
We lose the original's context but gain the translator's voracity.
en team of Gardai appointed to look into matter was set up "to establish the voracity of the truth and to establish who the correct person was eectively" said Mr Byrne yesterday in court.
The difference today is the pervasiveness of information technology and the voracity with which information influences all elements of national power.
China's foreign and security policy spheres have fragmented, but two powerful dynamics have emerged with consistent regularity in the South and East China Seas--the commercial voracity of state-owned enterprises, and the relentless pursuit of tactical military objectives.
Phil, quoted below, in describing his attempts to provide a sexual opportunity for one of his friends is both asserting his own sexual voracity and ridiculing the lack of it in his friend.
The first semi-final at least settled the voracity of the content of our "You're just a (let's say) poor Coloccini" song about David Luiz.
A disaffected scholar, though a swift witness against his teacher, can never be impartial, and his testimony cannot be entitled to him in full confidence, whatever may be his character or voracity, he cannot under the influence of his strong feeling of prejudice and hostility give a just and correct representation of his teacher or his school.
In the second half of the 19th century, the discovery of major nitrate deposits in the Atacama Desert--in what is now northern Chile--had ignited the voracity of British companies and their local partners to obtain the mineral from the area.