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VOTE. Suffrage; the voice of an individual in making a choice by many. The total number of voices given at an election; as, the presidential vote.
     2. Votes are either given, by ballot, v.) or viva voce; they may be delivered personally by the voter himself, or, in some cases, by proxy. (q.v.)
     3. A majority (q.v.) of the votes given carries the question submitted, unless in particular cases when the constitution or laws require that there shall be a majority of all the voters, or when a greater number than a simple majority is expressly required; as, for example in the case of the senate in making treaties by the president and senate, two-thirds of the senators present must concur. Vide Angell on Corpor. Index, h.t.
     4. When the votes are equal in number, the proposed measure is lost.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition, Votable provided Hobson with non-technical abilities to easily create question and answer sets including photos intended to guide and add visual dimension to answers.
In the votable concept mapping activity, after each section, the instructor would present the question in the format of a fill- in-the-blank concept map with corresponding options.
Building on those recommendations, there have been a number of adjustments made to private Members' business since the mid-1980s, including: the ordering of items caused by the absence of MPs; an increase in the number of days which private Members' business would be considered; and, allowing each item in the Order of Precedence to be votable unless procedurally inadmissible or unless its sponsor opts to make it non-votable.
Upon completion of all of these transactions Sky will have 1,709,213,002 votable shares in issue.
Upon completion of all of these transactions Sky will have 1,709,870,223 votable shares in issue.
When I came here private members business was not votable. As a result of changes to the rules some of them became votable and when I was NDP Leader, I fought to prevent every Private Members' Bill from becoming votable.
Upon completion of all of these transactions Sky will have 1,710,724,611 votable shares in issue.
All private members' hours became votable. I think that was modernization phase three.
Upon completion of all of these transactions Sky will have 1,711,217,527 votable shares in issue.