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As the essays assembled here attest, encounters and events of place remain unpredictable and unevenly understood, even to those who appear as the most Romantic of nature's votaries.
'The symbols, idols and adornments depend upon the sect to which the temple belongs, or the wealth of its votaries, or the fancy of the priests.
Remembering Edward Said "Said's courage was evident not only when he took on traditional adversaries, notably the votaries of power, but also in his willingness to challenge those from his 'own' side."
Only consider: all forms of fundamentalism are notable for the infantilizing and blinding effect they have on their votaries.
Hard hitters and loud mouths are generally revered by votaries of the team they play on, but they're also largely reviled by the fans of right about every other team.
Votive offerings and inscribed lead tablets recovered from the baths suggest she was regarded as a life-giving mother goddess and an effective agent against curses invoked by the votaries.
Of course Sachin Tendulkar, we have always been great votaries for him to get the Bharat Ratna," said Benegal.
All those who opposed Mandal are now its strong votaries. The WTO became a reality - as did India's membership of it - after such outlandish skepticism as then voiced by the likes of Lalu Yadav.
AS THE Royal Family prepares to gather at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate, there is something that most of the family share with the votaries of other religions.
Chattopadhyay founded many progressive institutions, like the national School of Drama, the Sangeet Natak Akademi (music and Drama Academy) and the India international Centre, while Shinde was possibly one of India's first votaries of gender equality.
It is a fact that the development agenda promoted by Nitish Kumar has found many votaries from all sections of the people of Bihar, compared to the casteist and sectarian appeal of RJD and LJP leaders.
This exhibition is the first in the United States to look at the sway classicism held in the interwar years over the imaginations of painters, sculptors, architects, designers, and filmmakers in France, Italy, and Germany--the three main votaries of the classical ideal.