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A Nietzschean interpretation of Callicles' last song as "opera" helps to explain the apparent paradox that Callicles, who seems to enjoy the unalienated relation to nature that Empedocles yearns for, is a votary of Apollo, and yet service to Apollo is what Empedocles claims has destroyed his connection to nature.
Qatar has been a votary of youth empowerment and has taken a number of steps to enhance the role of youngsters in important sectors of public life.
the woman to the right of Venus matches the votary at the incense-burner
A votary of this school has only to open his mouth and expatiate upon the meaning of Pakistan -- usually to say it is a fortress of Islam -- and dark thoughts rush into my mind.
On this day, a votary maid (arugba), a virgin girl selected from the royal family through divination, carries a calabash containing items of sacrifice from the king s palace to Oshun grove, the venue of the festival.
So it doesn't sit well with a keen observer of the carefully choreographed act for any votary or partisan of NS to pretend that he didn't know what he was signing on.
Vasani is not the only big votary of allowing foreign law firms into India.
It demands heart, brain, soul, body, the entireness of its votary.
He is an ardent votary of Nama Sankirtana (singing divine names) and has composed thousands of songs (bhajans) that incorporate several beejaksharas (mantras) praising the Almighty and those elemental components that comprise Mother Nature.
But not the way Che votary Anderson's slavish regurgitation of Castro's propaganda put it: "Che fired his M-2 carbine but it was soon hit in the barrel by a bullet, rendering it useless.
In his usual empirical way, Tod goes on to make surmises as to the likely date of the construction of the Ganga Bheva complex, based on an inscription he found there, with the name of a votary on it, and to attempt a chronological classification of Hindu sculpture and architecture:
The black-and-white, line drawn, design motives and images are taken from authentic African masks, votary figures, fetishes, textiles, and other sources of visual icons and symbols.