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He stated: "The illustrious example of that ancient and ardent votary of the turf, Sir Charles Bunbury, is quoted as entitled to universal imitation - who has never, on any account, or for any, even the heaviest presumed interest, suffered his racers to be abused with the whip and spur, or these, or any other animals in his possession, to be treated with cruelty, or even harshness; but to be recompensed, whilst he is enjoying the pleasure and profit of them, with the kindest and most liberal treatment, and as great a share of the comforts of existence as in their power to receive, and in his to confer.
While the annotations expand upon the notion of composition of place, the meditations invite the votary to be active in the scene.
Qatar has been a votary of youth empowerment and has taken a number of steps to enhance the role of youngsters in important sectors of public life.
In this case, the votary wishing to harm an enemy pays a heavy fee to the fetish man to let him drive a nail (or to drive a nail on his behalf) into the figure.
He is an ardent votary of Nama Sankirtana (singing divine names) and has composed thousands of songs (bhajans) that incorporate several beejaksharas (mantras) praising the Almighty and those elemental components that comprise Mother Nature.
The black-and-white, line drawn, design motives and images are taken from authentic African masks, votary figures, fetishes, textiles, and other sources of visual icons and symbols.
Babichev, who personifies the purblind utopianism of the communist regime, cuts a truly grotesque figure as the votary of social planning, epitomized in his quest for the perfect mass-produced sausage.
It seems probable that, before constructing their buildings, architects imagined them in plan (or "aerial") view, made models of what they were building (perhaps used as votary offerings), and favored certain proportions (for example, 1:10 or 1:9) which they tried to embody in their work; now, Anaximander too has an interest in certain numbers (for example, multiples of nine) and makes models of larger realities, and so on.
As if this weren't stagey enough, Ashok Singhal, a great votary of Dharma, a functionary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council), hectored that he would retaliate.
On this stand you will also find Japanese prints from the great Hokusai, along with votary figures containing the original food offerings, carved ivory feather fans, embroideries, jade and beautiful little snuff bottles.
Almost a decade ago ["Minority Report," April 10, 1989] I outed the barking Tory pamphleteer Paul Johnson as a votary of this cult.
Of another female votary, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Dr Wu writes apropos of her lines 'On Wordsworth's Cottage, near Grasmere Lake' (1095) that 'Landon's verse at its best embodies the Wordsworthian virtue of being able to address deeply felt emotions without the sentimentality favoured by many poets at the end of the eighteenth century'.