vote favorably

See: approve, pass
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Councilman Kevin O Connell, I think the comments we heard encourage us to vote favorably on this .
The deputies have vote favorably --and with some delay--for the permits for the USCG vessels, but the Navy permits are usually not put to a vote, since they involve warships and most deputies oppose their presence, since Costa Rica abolished its Army in 1948.
Of course, the Committee cannot speak on behalf of the directors who may be elected at the Annual Meeting, but we expect the full Board to vote favorably on our recommendation.
recommended the committee vote favorably on the trial period.
Make YOUR voice heard, and when they vote favorably for an issue that is of concern to you, thank them.
We responded that we thought at least 95 percent would vote favorably.
Weiman, MD, a former senior officer of Citibank from Greenwich, said he expects holders of at least 10 percent of the shares to vote favorably this year.
And so I hope that our colleagues will vote favorably for the Pomeroy amendment to bring some fairness and clarity to the estate tax issue.
We can't and should not vote favorably on this before we have an ordinance in place," he said.
The Portuguese Government, Parpublica, BES, CGD, BPI and Telefonica have agreed to vote favorably on this change to the company's articles of association at the Shareholders' meeting on June 1, 2001.
On June 18, 2001, Anthem's Board of Directors approved the Company's Plan of Conversion through which it would convert from a mutual insurance to a stock insurance company, a process known as demutualization, and recommended that Statutory Members vote favorably on the proposal.
I urge all shareholders to vote favorably for this important matter.