vote favorably

See: approve, pass
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"Considering that while majority of the votes cast in the municipality of Pikit to which it belongs is in favor of its inclusion in the BARMM, Barangay Balatican did not vote favorably for its inclusion in the BARMM," the resolution read.
Incumbent government officials and political leaders in Tawi-Tawi have also promised proponents that they would vote favorably, as with the leaders in Lanao del Sur.
Szeliga did not vote favorably when the bill was in the House but voted for it after it was amended in the Senate.
Murphy continued, My hope is thatwell be able to vote favorably upon these new tools to make sure that the parity law isnt just on the booksthat it is actually effectively enforced.
"The safety concern here was too great for me to vote favorably on this legislation without more debate," said state Rep.
The deputies have vote favorably --and with some delay--for the permits for the USCG vessels, but the Navy permits are usually not put to a vote, since they involve warships and most deputies oppose their presence, since Costa Rica abolished its Army in 1948.
Indeed, when thinking about the oft-used adage that all politics is local, certainly the same can be said of food retailing, whose leaders must not only listen and respond to their customers' foremost needs and expectations, but also direct their resources toward initiatives that help make their stores the preferred candidates to inspire shoppers to vote favorably with their feet (and their wallets), while striving for long-term viability.
Following the February 25 hearing, it was apparent that the committee would not vote favorably on the bill, so its proponents asked that it be tabled rather than risk having it defeated by a committee vote.
"If that logic follows through, all White folks will only vote favorably or make decisions on behalf of them."
recommended the committee vote favorably on the trial period.
Make YOUR voice heard, and when they vote favorably for an issue that is of concern to you, thank them.
We responded that we thought at least 95 percent would vote favorably. Second, how would they respond to a document on the Jews?