vote into office

See: elect, nominate
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Great Britain must be kept free from dictators, our laws should be made in Westminster by the people we vote into office to run our affairs, and our taxes should be spent making Britain a better place for British people, otherwise Westminster may as well be shut down and turned into a museum.
He earlier called on the potential voters to register irrespective of their political parties affiliations in order to vote into office leaders of their choices.
In a pastoral letter before the elections, the bishops urged Zambians to vote for candidates of their choice but added, "It is the duty of voters not to vote into office people who see political power as an opportunity for self-enrichment, in the midst of abject poverty for the majority of Zambians.
But, as usual, the real losers are the general public who are expected to fork out far more for meals than the people they vote into office.
People who YOU vote into office to represent YOU, and whose salaries are paid by YOU.