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VOTE. Suffrage; the voice of an individual in making a choice by many. The total number of voices given at an election; as, the presidential vote.
     2. Votes are either given, by ballot, v.) or viva voce; they may be delivered personally by the voter himself, or, in some cases, by proxy. (q.v.)
     3. A majority (q.v.) of the votes given carries the question submitted, unless in particular cases when the constitution or laws require that there shall be a majority of all the voters, or when a greater number than a simple majority is expressly required; as, for example in the case of the senate in making treaties by the president and senate, two-thirds of the senators present must concur. Vide Angell on Corpor. Index, h.t.
     4. When the votes are equal in number, the proposed measure is lost.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The first, represented by William Robinson (chairperson), George Evans (speaker) and Hannah Creevy (proposer of the vote of thanks), posed the question "Am I subject to greater inequality?" The second team was represented by Aled Hanson (chairperson), Nadine Dellaway (speaker) and Imogen Parsley (proposer of the vote of thanks) and discussed the topic "The pen is mightier than the sword," the speaker arguing effectively we need to think more carefully about how we use language.
Congress leader Haroon Yusuf, while giving Vote of Thanks on the L- G's address, said the ' directionless' speech did not address many important issues.
Philip Lane (TCD) delivered his paper entitled The Funding of the Irish Domestic Banking System During the Boom The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Gregory Connor (Maynooth University) and seconded by Mr Dermot Coates (Central Bank of Ireland).
Executive committee members V M Vijoy and V G Narendran delivered special Christmas and New Year messages, respectively, while vice-president Bindu Phillip proposed a vote of thanks.
Therefore, I think Mr Ashley deserves a vote of thanks, at least he has kept NUFC afloat.
The following Super League game was called off and ahead of Saturday's delayed meeting at the Brewery Field, Kear has issued his vote of thanks.
Every vote was a vote of thanks from our readers to public servants who expect no praise yet deserve so much.
Mr Mellor, who had held the seat for 18 years, was taunted by Sir James and a host of other candidates during his vote of thanks.
Berry also offered a vote of thanks to all the trainers he had "hounded for months" to secure items for his auction, reassuring them that it is "safe to talk to him again for a few months".
The state chairs and support staff deserve a vote of thanks, too, for their hard work and promptness returning forms.
They owed a big vote of thanks to two substitutes, Marino Keith and boss's son Blair Sturrock.
Supporters Club members voted for Walker, and they will give him a big vote of thanks if he stops a goal going in at Bescot Stadium as Ray Graydon's team chase promotion.