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Among other things, the proposed Plan contemplates payment in full of all unaffiliated general unsecured creditors who vote to accept the Plan and do not opt out of a general release, as described in the proposed Plan.
The original restructuring proposal provided that if the required number of 16 percent junior subordinated debentures did not vote to accept the proposal that the corporation would nevertheless seek confirmation of the plan of reorganization through a "cramdown" proceeding.
If unsecured creditors (to the extent their claims are not otherwise treated as critical supplier claims or paid through assumption of their contracts during the case) and the holders of Foamex's Senior Subordinated Notes vote to accept the reorganization plan, then they will receive, on a pro rata basis, warrants to purchase between 5% and 10% of the equity of the reorganized Company, depending on the ultimate allowed amount of general unsecured claims.
To be confirmed on a consensual basis, holders of at least two-thirds in dollar amount and more than one-half in number of claims in each class of creditors voting must vote to accept the plan.
On September 23, 2005, the President will present his approval or disapproval of the recommendations to the Commission and Congress, which will vote to accept or reject the request.
It's time for the Mayor to exercise some leadership, by insisting that the Board put patronage politics aside, and in the best interests of SEPTA, the City and the riding public, vote to accept the agreement.
Members will vote to accept or reject the three-year contract offer by mail, as predetermined by SPEEA's Midwest Council.
If holders of the $100 million face value outstanding 10 5/8% notes vote to accept the plan, they will receive their pro rata portion of the Recovery Trust Assets and a their pro rata portion of 5% of the reorganized equity interest.
launched this proxy contest after our Board of Directors did not vote to accept either of Citizens' two proposals to buy First American Capital with its Class A common stock," said Harland E.
will soon be asked to vote to accept or reject a proposed plan of reorganization.
Members of both groups will be asked to vote to accept the merger, completion of which is expected in the next two months.
If the general unsecured creditors of Prism vote to accept the Plan, Comdisco will reduce its claims against the Prism entities to no more than one-third of the total distribution to Prism creditors, thereby allowing for a meaningful distribution to creditors.