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Anyone who has ever voted absentee is familiar with the idea.
A voter in northern California had to cast a provisional ballot because someone else had already voted claiming to be him.
I couldn't possibly have voted for Gore since he dislikes me personally.
The board believes that if it is doing a good job for its shareholders, then it will continue to be voted back year after year, thus providing the continuity and experience it wanted to retain in the first place.
For instance, if he sees "a busload of Hispanic individuals who didn't speak English and who voted," he plans to follow that bus to make sure they aren't voting more than once.
Previously, electors voted for two candidates without identifying which person they wanted for President.
8 percent of the electorate voted, according to Curtis Gans of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate.
From 1980 on, they have always voted the same way -- for the national winner.
In fact, the Alumax board often voted by class on various matters, although other matters were determined using the weighted voting structure.
To see how the Senate voted on CAFTA, please refer to the "Conservative Index" appearing in the August 8, 2005 issue of THE NEW AMERICAN.