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VOTER. One entitled to a vote; an elector.

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The voters' IDs were issued to voters who took advantage of earlier voters' registration periods and signed up, but failed to claim the IDs in person.
Fortunately, federal courts have moved quickly to end this nonsense--a superior court judge struck down the Georgia law requiring voters to produce a state-issued voter ID at the polls.
After marking a ballot, each voter detaches and shreds the portion with the printed candidate names.
We also have expanded our partnership with Telemundo in the 2006 Tu Voto, Tu Voz public awareness campaign to encourage voter registration and electoral participation among U.
And, even though public attention to the faulty felon voter purge lists led the Florida government to say belatedly that it would not use them this time, the word has traveled slowly.
New to electoral politics, activists from the worlds of youth, student, community and labor organizing are feverishly learning the ins and outs of voter registration, districting, voter turnout and poll monitoring.
The Young Voter Alliance's strategy is highly sophisticated, involving an accessible central database of likely voters, another database of volunteers, peer-to-peer activism such as calling friends to get them to the polls, and street teams to reach out to other young people, particularly in economically depressed and minority communities.
How does voter turnout for both age groups in the 2000 election compare with their turnout in the 1972 election?
HOW IT WORKS: In a voting booth, voter turns knobs that mark boxes next to candidates, then pulls a large lever to record all the votes in the machine.
In addition, poll workers said they were overwhelmed by the huge voter turnout and got constant busy signals from the state's Elections Department hotline when trying to verify voter records.
While the Christian Coalition has been distributing voter guides in elections since 1990, Robertson saw the 2000 election as a unique opportunity.