voting district

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If the lower court rules as anticipated it would set a framework for adjusting population in many jurisdictions and in turn potentially alter: apportionment of Congressional seats between states, the drawing of Congressional district boundaries within states, and the drawing of state legislative and municipal voting district boundaries.
The hamlet of South Worcester is now but a voting district, with the honor of being a national historic landscape but no longer with a school, store, post office, church, or hotel.
Voter Information Lookup service now displays sample ballot for every voting district
They can't vote, and they live isolated from their neighbors, but inmates have a major effect on how voting district lines are drawn.
However, the fact that the voting district borders were recently enlarged adds an unknown element that could bring a surprise if conservative votes from the periphery of the city go to the AK Party.
Meanwhile, a "clash of the Titans" has emerged in the 25th voting district in the capital Sofia where there will be a faceoff between 3 former PMs a Stanishev, the leader of the center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, Boyko Borisov, and right-wing leader, Ivan Kostov.
Sunday's elections were called one year early, after the five-party coalition of Yves Leterme, the prime minister, fell apart on April 26 in a dispute over a bilingual voting district.
Caucuses are a multi-stage process, usually beginning with mass meetings held in each precinct or voting district, which select delegates to district and state conventions, which in turn select the national convention delegates.
Every 10 years, following a census, every state legislature in the nation must redraw voting district lines to reflect shifts in population.
The MPs, Hristina Yancheva and Ivelin Nikolov, are both from the Pleven voting district on whose territory the NPP would be built.
The decision overturned a ruling from the nation's secondhighest court that required the government to treat the entire country as a single voting district which was the practice in previous presidential elections.
The most heavily populated single-seat voting district for the House of Representatives had 2.