voting list

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Jury members submit their own shortlist preference and an official shortlist is drawn up, with the top five cars in each category on the voting list.
It is extraordinary that almost 10% of the voting list has had to be deleted with two weeks of voting still to go.
Later, the counsel of ECP Salman Akram Raja strongly dismissed the allegations and told the Commission that it was wrong that any political party had played a role while preparing the voting list of Election Commission.
Before holding early elections, Commissioner Hahn explained, the election code needs to be modified and the voting list revised.
WORCESTER -- City elections officials are looking into the possible purchase of a technology that would allow poll workers to electronically maintain the voting list on computer tablets at each polling location to ensure its accuracy on election days.
Whether it's uninspired planning or desperation, I'm sure we are going to see many more new buildings on the ECHO's "Ugly or Beautiful" voting list in the years to come.
On/off screen friends and "The Walking Dead" stars Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are in the nominee voting list for 2015 People's Choice Awards.
I BELIEVE there is a PS15,000 cost to correct voting list letters to Middlesbrough Council.
I have never voted in Mumbai, I don't even know if my name is in the voting list.
Due to his criminal conviction, Sam Rainsy's name was deleted from the NEC's voting list late last year.
It is up to the individual members to validate the information and to contact the SCNA staff during regular business hours (as stated on the website) prior to voting if the member believes that he/she was omitted from the voting list in error so that a correction can be made.
My favourite routine, though, was not on the voting list - and it involved not just the dancers but the judges too.