voting power

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Since voting power consists of two parts, changes to either could shift the distribution toward greater parity across groups, One potential reform that would virtually equalize the probability of voting across groups is to make voting mandatory, as it is in some other countries, like Australia, Austria, Belgium, and Singapore.
A total of approximately 17,204,593 votes, representing approximately 82% of the total outstanding voting power were present, in person or by proxy, at the meeting.
Once the reforms takes effect, it will result in a shift of more than 6 percent of quota shares to dynamic emerging market and developing countries and more than 6 percent from over-represented to under-represented countries, while protecting the quota shares and voting power of the poorest members.
TH), a Thailand-based coal mining company, has announced that its voting power in Centennial Coal Company Ltd(Centennial) (ASX: CEY) has increased to 95.
Summary: WASHINGTON: Global finance leaders face fractious talks this week on how to shift more voting power at the World Bank to emerging economic heavyweights such as China, a prelude to a bigger fight over the IMF.
IMF pledges voting power reform to boost emerging countries' say
ISTANBUL, Oct 5, SPA -- Finance ministers meeting in Turkey say developing countries should get more voting power in the World Bank, reported ap.
France, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands would see the biggest decline in their voting power while Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg and Estonia would see their voting share substantially increase.
Villaraigosa originally hoped to get a bill before the Legislature that would grant the Los Angeles mayor 80 percent voting power on all major decisions, with 27 other cities in the Los Angeles Unified School District sharing the remaining 20 percent.
He is the "Negro President" because his election and many of his policies were the result of the voting power of the slave-holding South, which could count three-fifths of its slave population in their House of Representative and Electoral College tallies.
Some of these "majority-minority" districts were created to comply with the part of the Act that says states cannot systematically "dilute" minority voting power.
In contrast, the district court held that majority control on the basis of voting power was not the only way to satisfy the need for control over a joint venture's governing board.