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The Vouched app is the first of many solutions Pipevine, LLC is developing to enable business professionals and employers to integrate data-driven reputation and character analytics into hiring, recruiting, career development, and talent management.
Moreover, Sir Bruce acknowledges that even where data did exist, he cannot vouch for its accuracy.
Dubai Japan's rugby coach has vouched to give a fitting account of being the sole representative from Asia when it takes part in the 2011 IRB Rugby World Cup in New Zealand later this summer.
But then emerged one of the 10 people who had vouched for him did not belong to his area and he had to go off to find someone else.
All I can vouch for is she was papery after my birth.
Another interpreter involved in the case, Karim Mawiya Cader Mohammed, appeared in court yesterday with his employer who vouched for his integrity.
"It's been a gradual process, and defining it all, is that with corporate encouragement, over the first two years of the channel's existence, I have made myself effectively the American face of the channel and vouched for its credibility and value.
I'm a mother myself so I can vouch for the terrible strain put on them
Their generosity was among the bright spots of help in the weeks immediately after Katrina, and I can vouch for their contribution.
In an effort to minimize their risk, brokers typically ask CPAs to vouch for their clients with a letter supporting clients' claims.
It was an experiment." Judy, 58, added: "I can vouch for that."
As a good Democrat, I won't vouch for the former House Judiciary Committee chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) in the debate over how to reconstitute the House of Representatives in a national emergency ("Death Wish," by Avi Klein, November).