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Unlike any other career tools, the Vouched app allows users to assign a strength to each of their professional connections as they 'vouch' for the top 4 character traits exhibited by each individual.
A business associate vouched for Marston's offbeat arrangement, remembering him as "the most remarkable host, with a lovely bunch of kids from different wives.
In added on time, Keith Welch came to claim a high ball but the wind held it up and it vouched free for Tony Battersby to slot into an empty net.
Tracey Aitken, 34, of Forfar, and Lorraine Sturton, 34, of Dundee, told Dundee Sheriff Court they had not vouched for McLauchlan.
Francis Parkman wrote a preface for the book and vouched for the truth of the main incidents.
That's how Moro Branislav, Foton's Serbian coach, vouched for the title potential of his Tornadoes, who return to action in the Asics-Philippine Superliga Grand Prix along with five other teams Thursday at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.
The proposal to create a vouched "leaders' allowance" was defeated by 31 votes to 20.
The participants who took part in the Yagna vouched to end girl child discrimination in the society and affirmed to offer their full support to this campaign.