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Unlike any other career tools, the Vouched app allows users to assign a strength to each of their professional connections as they 'vouch' for the top 4 character traits exhibited by each individual.
The proposal to create a vouched "leaders' allowance" was defeated by 31 votes to 20.
Cheerleading captain Celia Pineda, 17, vouched for that theory.
Like a couple of Mafia molls, Cabinet Secretaries Donna Shalala and Madeleine Albright ostentatiously vouched for the Big Fish.
Tracey Aitken, 34, of Forfar, and Lorraine Sturton, 34, of Dundee, told Dundee Sheriff Court they had not vouched for McLauchlan.
For the public representation allowance, members choose either a vouched or unvouched allowance at the beginning of each year.
Other people at the apartment vouched that he had been there when the shooting occurred, he said.
All told stories of Bryant's unmatched work ethic, the joy he brought to the court and the dedication he showed to his team, while a pair of English teachers vouched for his dedication in the classroom.
A priest and several psychiatrists vouched for his changed character and he was released.
The mayor said that he and the two Philadelphia police officers arrived on the scene, identified themselves and vouched for the aide's identity, but Los Angeles officers detained Fordham for more than an hour without writing him a citation.
Art Lenox, a Rocketdyne environmental remediation employee, vouched for the safety of the disposal process in a July 6 letter to the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, requesting the permit.
John Liechty, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the LAUSD, vouched for their accuracy.