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Unlike any other career tools, the Vouched app allows users to assign a strength to each of their professional connections as they 'vouch' for the top 4 character traits exhibited by each individual.
Gore did not claim to have invented the Internet but, rather, to have initiated government support for it while a senator--as vouched for by all of the VIPs of Internet development.
A business associate vouched for Marston's offbeat arrangement, remembering him as "the most remarkable host, with a lovely bunch of kids from different wives...all living together like one big family--everybody very happy and all good, decent people."
In added on time, Keith Welch came to claim a high ball but the wind held it up and it vouched free for Tony Battersby to slot into an empty net.
Two Wheels rider training kindly put our novice through the course, and he vouched for their expertise by ripping up his L-plates at the first attempt.
Fontaine's reconstructions show that merchant pedlars were the essential link between manufacturers of goods, with whom they cultivated long-term relationships, and the small shopkeepers and pedlars (usually from their home villages) they employed, extended credit to, and vouched for, who actually sold the goods to consumers.
Francis Parkman wrote a preface for the book and vouched for the truth of the main incidents.
The senator vouched for the integrity and competence of the candidates as she said they would be 'reliable defenders' in the higher chamber of Congress.
Among the people has vouched for are his close-in aide Christopher "Bong" Go, folk singer Freddie Aguilar, former national police chiefRonald "Bato" dela Rosa and former Sen.
Summary: Mumbai, (Maharashtra) [India] Sep 13 (ANI): On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Bollywood celebrities vouched for eco-friendly celebration and urged everyone do the same.
The proposal to create a vouched "leaders' allowance" was defeated by 31 votes to 20.