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A receipt or release which provides evidence of payment or other discharge of a debt, often for purposes of reimbursement, or attests to the accuracy of the accounts.

Government or corporate employees usually submit vouchers to their employers to recover living expenses they have paid while on business trips.

See: assurance, bond, certificate, corroboration, coupon, deponent, draft, guarantor, guaranty, note, permit, pledge, receipt, recommendation, reference, security, surety, warrant, warranty

VOUCHER, accounts. An account book in which are entered the acquittances, or warrants for the accountant's discharge. It also signifies any acquittance or receipt, which is evidence of payment, or of the debtor's being discharged. See 3 Halst. 299.

VOUCHER, common recoveries. The voucher in common recoveries, is the person on whom the tenant to the praecipe calls to defend the title to the land, because he is supposed to have warranted the title to him at the time of the original purchase.
     2. The person usually employed for this purpose is the cryer of the court, who is therefore called the common voucher. Vide Cruise, Dig. tit. 36, c. 3, s. 1; 22 Vin. Ab. 26; Dane, Index, h.t.; and see Recovery.

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