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This was apparently a secret operation and they did not vouchsafe any further information and I have never since seen any reference to such use.
Dread King of Kings, vouchsafe a ray divine To his forlorn condition
Such surveys establish what a person is prepared to vouchsafe in the privacy of an exchange with a pollster.
To vouchsafe progress and development on a stylistic level would be false to Hope 1930's underlying concerns.
These developments vouchsafe the growing significance of Islamic finance and banking in the aftermath of the global economic crisis," said Al Shamsi.
Those of us who have had the pleasure of working with David can vouchsafe his passion, energy and commitment.
TIDAL BAY conjured up last-gasp heroics to lift Leopardstown's Lexus Chase - and vouchsafe his reform from artful dodger to model citizen.
Surely these facts vouchsafe the claim that the Indian Census is indeed the largest such operation in the world.
People around the world will unplug on a massive scale tomorrow to mark Earth Hour, a global solidarity event which each year brings people together to vouchsafe our planet's future.
Yet at the same time farmers are also being urged to join farm assurance schemes to vouchsafe their products: one of the criteria is that no birds should be able to enter their granaries.
One way to vouchsafe the "orthodoxy" of this position is to name only canonized saints because doctrinal purity is one of the criteria for canonization.