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Fatigue had obviously taken a toll on most of them when there suddenly appeared another group of repositories of the tradition ahead, among them Kgosi Leero Gaseitsewe, who ushered the curious looking young tribes men to a sacred grove, where they would converge and have ancient secrets of the tribe vouchsafed to them.
First, having vouchsafed the Federal Government's understanding that 'some universities now charge fees per course,' the Honourable Minister asserted the government's intention to 'investigate that properly' with a view to stopping it.
The PAF air support vouchsafed and helped our ground troops to move about freely and take actions to extricate the anti-state elements in treacherous areas of FATA.
At this point, merely sowing doubts in the Chinese mind as to what her Nepali interlocutors might have vouchsafed would count as success from India's vantage point.
As if we will be vouchsafed some new vision, some new path, some new direction.
Between his student days and now, Althamer has produced multiple self-portraits; has sociably shared authorship with a heterodox swath of groups and communities (including adults with disabilities, employees of his father's plastics factory, and--for this show--assistants at the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin); has emphasized the imaginative potential of carefully constructed altered realities; and, on several occasions (e.g., Tree House, 2001, installed in the center of Warsaw), has vouchsafed the possibility of solitary withdrawal.
It should not be lost on the people of Teesside that Mayor David Budd recently vouchsafed the prospect of some type of snow sporting scheme at Middlehaven, Mayor Budd, it is a no brainer what the public of Teesside would prefer.
Indeed, the apostleship of the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) denotes nothing more and nothing less than the fact that all the things he taught to the world and all the truths he revealed to mankind were based on divine inspiration; that they were based on special and authentic knowledge vouchsafed to him by God, and so they are absolutely correct and beyond dispute.
"Our style works around the world," Robbins tells Eastburn, a claim vouchsafed by the success of 1984 and other gems in the Gang repertory that continue to fascinate international audiences.
Being a Turk is a privilege; it is not to be vouchsafed for everyone, especially the Jews." (Orkun Magazine, Issue 7, pp.
Since he's special, he gets a special job: "Receiver of Memory", a repository of knowledge from the past, vouchsafed to him -- and him alone -- by "the Giver".
The audience is vouchsafed two shows in two nights with a slight difference in the programme.