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Le Bonheur Children's Hospital: 1 Gold Award and 2 VOX Awards
The first corporate booking to be confirmed at the purpose built venue was Tropic Skincare, which will bring around 600 delegates to the Vox for a fully themed event which has inspiring talks, product reveals, awards, recognition, food and entertainment.
To learn more about Vox Mobile's unique approach to closing the M-Gap, please visit www.
Previous vocalists graduating from the VOX course have gone on to release singles, support high-profile artists, and achieve airplay on national radio and coverage on influential blogs and websites.
One of the most expensive Vox cinema screen is the 4DX at Dh125 per ticket.
VOX Cinemas in Oman will screen films in English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam and Tagalog, among other languages.
With fully digital screens, Vox Cinemas offers Omani residents more daily movie session, more movie releases and more flexible timings, and also features standard 2D, with spacious VIP seating, with added dimension in Vox 3D and the Vox Max experience, said a statement.
BEIRUT: Forget the life-size, flat-screen video game experience, VOX Cinemas will do you one better.
Pervasip Corp (OTC:PVSP) announced on Thursday that its VoX Communications division's mobile VoIP calling application and plans will be sold at 34 Fry's electronics stores nationwide in the US.
When using VoX and fring together, a mobile phone user does not use up valuable voice minutes or SMS.
Although the president of Vox Clara knows that the translation work will not please everyone completely, he is convinced they will appreciate its quality.
We've always been actively involved in the green building marketplace and have aggressively pursued the development of environmentally compliant products like Aqua-Cure Vox and Super Aqua-Cure Vox.