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It will take Voyager 1 another 15 years or so to burst out of the bubble and begin exploring interstellar space.
November 1980 And August 1981 Voyager discovers that Saturn's mammoth ring--made of specks to house-size pieces of ice and rock--has thousands of ripples.
SAN DIEGO -- SEMDirector announced at its INFLECTIONPoint 2007 event being held this week in San Diego that Voyager Capital, Seattle's leading information technology venture firm, has made an investment in the Company.
In early January 2001, Voyager 2 detected a sudden jump in solar wind speed from 375 kilometers per second to 450 km/s.
We have evolved our VOYAGER Edge solution to better support real-time sharing of business intelligence across widely distributed and heterogeneous networks," said Paul Lipari, president and CEO, Recursion Software, Inc.
17, the venerable Voyager 1 spacecraft became the most distant explorer in the solar system.
a leading IT company that delivers innovative technology solutions to federal, state, and local government organizations, today announced that the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) has selected the company's Voyager Secure Wireless Data solution as the central technology platform to support and manage its statewide enterprise wireless system for criminal justice data.
Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in June and October, these are the highest-resolution pictures of the planet since Voyager 2's 1989 flyby.
Bank Voyager Fleet Systems has made an investment in software enhancements for Advent Business Systems, which Voyager purchased in January 2006.
Schenk and his colleagues had spent more than a year using special software to enhance these and other image pairs, culled from a library of photographs taken by the two Voyager spacecraft.
Under the agreement, Recursion Software will focus on the development and certification of the VOYAGER Edge(TM) platform with the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS).
Voyager 1 is now 52 astronomical units (AU) from the sun (one AU equals about 149.