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The voyagers were now out of range of Crows and Black-feet; but they were approaching the country of the Rees, or Arickaras; a tribe no less dangerous; and who were, generally, hostile to small parties.
On further reconnoitering, the voyagers counted twenty-one lodges; and from the number of horses, computed that there must be nearly a hundred Indians encamped there.
Voyager had planned to implement the above corporate governance measures by the end of Voyager's 2004 third fiscal quarter.
It will take Voyager 1 another 15 years or so to burst out of the bubble and begin exploring interstellar space.
November 1980 And August 1981 Voyager discovers that Saturn's mammoth ring--made of specks to house-size pieces of ice and rock--has thousands of ripples.
SAN DIEGO -- SEMDirector announced at its INFLECTIONPoint 2007 event being held this week in San Diego that Voyager Capital, Seattle's leading information technology venture firm, has made an investment in the Company.
In early January 2001, Voyager 2 detected a sudden jump in solar wind speed from 375 kilometers per second to 450 km/s.
Back then," recalls Voyager founder David Ellis, "computer graphics were almost non-existent in the DOS world.
We have evolved our VOYAGER Edge solution to better support real-time sharing of business intelligence across widely distributed and heterogeneous networks," said Paul Lipari, president and CEO, Recursion Software, Inc.
Hurtling through the deep freeze of the outer solar system at 17 km per second, Voyager 1 is nearing the edge of the heliosphere, the vast bubble of gas in which the sun's magnetic field reigns supreme.
Effective immediately, Image will be solely responsible for replication, sales and distribution of the Voyager product lines, with marketing activities to be handled jointly with Voyager.
With the Voyager system, local agencies now have the flexibility and freedom to make their own decisions related to data communications and device choices through best of breed, commercially available technologies, rather than encountering restrictions that inevitably occur when states force a single technology standard for all agencies.