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Cable operators have also become a supporting tool in the spreading of the menace of vulgarism and immoral activities.
Finally the question should go to a masthead editor, and judgments about strong vulgarisms will rest with the head of the news department or the editorial page.
The family hour's voguish vulgarism appears to be "bite me," used four times.
He pointed out that with the help of NGOs our enemies are targeting our Islamic values and changing our social values by incorporating vulgarism.
The administration can neither allow any FM radio or cable operator to air programs fanning vulgarism nor the vulgar programs and songs including stage dramas from the base camp of the Kashmir freedom movement, the warning said, according to the sources.
Effect of processing on available carbohydrate content and starch digestibility of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgarism L.
JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti blamed the electronic media and advertisers for promoting nudity, vulgarism and immodesty in the country.
2] is already an outmoded vulgarism, something I would expect to hear spilling out of the mouth of a person my father's age rather than a 30-year-old.
On one level, it is disturbing to read in the transcript of the interview his "man on dog" vulgarism, which discomfited even a tough Washington reporter, but it demonstrates the kind of unhealthy fixation with sex that at least contributed to the clergy-child abuse scandal.
Buckley continues his notorious reliance on gratuitous sex scenes and occasional use of the Anglo-Saxon vulgarism for the human sex act.
We don't find provocative use of vulgarism for its own sake, but only in combination with another message ("Getting a smash in the face in the pub, finding your love sucking off someone else, committing suicide with triphenydol--that's all worse than war.
However, these excerpts do not provide the reader with an adequate sense of the novella's chimerical yet harsh narrative world, nor do they assist in fully understanding the author's skillfulness at handling rough, provocative topics without lapsing into banal vulgarism or naturalistic explicitness.