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Nudity and vulgarism is a pre-planned conspiracy against Pakistan whereas the forces behind the conspiracy are bent upon tarnishing the Islamic norms and values.
The cases provide this guide for when to print an extreme vulgarism: only when its use will give the reader an essential insight into matters of great moment, an insight that cannot be otherwise conveyed.
Is it his urban upbringing and worldview that makes him incapable of adapting to more popular forms of culture that, because of their simplicity and vulgarism, can help to influence and educate wider sections of society despite marginalizing the previously existing sophisticated forms?
Jackie colluded with PQ in choosing a subversive valedictory cover showing the unicorn at bay from one of the Cluny tapestries as an attack on the new vulgarism, and then threw her full enthusiasm into the new incarnation of the magazine.
But it is perhaps more likely that a scribe who has been labelled 'the moralizing reviser'(38) edited out a blatant vulgarism in favour of a blander but less uncomfortable reading.
Keck answers the question `What Makes Romans Tick?'--not perhaps an unsuitable vulgarism but a reference to the potentially explosive force of the Epistle.
Had she said "not petty things omitted" emphasis would fall on the inclusiveness of the list rather than on what it has excluded, "petty things." These are possibly sexual "things," "jewels" with non-monetary value and recalling those "signs of conquest" Caesar may place where he pleases.(18) Cleopatra asks Seleucus to testify to the "truth," that she has reserved to herself "nothing," a common vulgarism for the vagina.
The family hour's voguish vulgarism appears to be "bite me," used four times.
He pointed out that with the help of NGOs our enemies are targeting our Islamic values and changing our social values by incorporating vulgarism.
The administration can neither allow any FM radio or cable operator to air programs fanning vulgarism nor the vulgar programs and songs including stage dramas from the base camp of the Kashmir freedom movement, the warning said, according to the sources.
Effect of processing on available carbohydrate content and starch digestibility of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgarism L.) Food Chem.73:351- 355.
JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti blamed the electronic media and advertisers for promoting nudity, vulgarism and immodesty in the country.