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All crime is vulgar, just as all vulgarity is crime.
The cheapness and vulgarity of it was nauseating, and Martin noted apathetically that he was not nauseated very much.
The lovely creature raised domes and spires into the cloudless blue, and only the ganglion of vulgarity round Carfax showed how evanescent was the phantom, how faint its claim to represent England.
Marianne, who had never much toleration for any thing like impertinence, vulgarity, inferiority of parts, or even difference of taste from herself, was at this time particularly ill-disposed, from the state of her spirits, to be pleased with the Miss Steeles, or to encourage their advances; and to the invariable coldness of her behaviour towards them, which checked every endeavour at intimacy on their side, Elinor principally attributed that preference of herself which soon became evident in the manners of both, but especially of Lucy, who missed no opportunity of engaging her in conversation, or of striving to improve their acquaintance by an easy and frank communication of her sentiments.
THEY could scarcely be called comme il faut, at all; though, to own the truth, I am afraid there is tant soit peu de vulgarity about all WORKED pocket-handkerchiefs.
Mind you, this was not vulgarity as only the insane Stalinist cultural apparatus would define it, but a strident, studied vulgarity that made even Western elites grimace when they saw it in their own streets.
Klossowski was praised in Le Monde's obit for his "universe in which theological speculation met eroticism with a strong Sadeian and pederastic element, but without any vulgarity at all.
The Court fined 17 different TV channels over vulgarity and other issues but they sought stay orders from the courts, CJ added.
Karachi, May 1 ( ANI ): Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUP) leader Dr Siddique Rathore, while addressing an All Party Conference (APC) here, has condemned the spread of vulgarity and nudity in Pakistan and said that raising a voice against vulgarity is "Jihad".
FATEH JANG, April 14, 2010 (Frontier Star): Owing to negligence of authorities concerned, the Internet Clubs in the district have become a main source of promoting vulgarity among youths and putting their future at stake.