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In the short and medium term, it will be virtually impossible to create enough jobs to meet the needs of the unemployed and vulnerably employed.
In several TED Talks Justine Musk vulnerably tells her stories and experience as a passionate writer and woman, and how she overcame and worked through many of the expectations that others placed on her.
Scores of nine and then an unbeaten 22 as the hosts cantered to victory by nine wickets leave Compton with an average still hovering vulnerably just above 30 - and those who doubted him will still do so.
"The form of the novel--a creative nonfiction assignment--written by Normandy Pale, a Grade 11 student at an Nanaimo arts school is a supple vehicle engagingly embodying the concerns of the novel as does every element--the prickly, vulnerably real characters, the intensity and volatility of their friendships and thorny family relationships....
"That circuit was very strong and active in the brains of smokers," Petre notes, "but we saw a dramatic drop in this circuit's activity in smokers who--of their own free will--quit smoking during the study, so when they stopped smoking, their vulnerably to chronic pain also decreased."
One song is full-on rock, and the next sparse percussion and keys with his vulnerably beautiful voice way up front.
Anastasia is seen getting undressed showing her back in one scene while in another she lies vulnerably on a huge bed, with shirtless Christian seducing her.
"These powers should be in Scotland's hands to allow us to use the welfare state to support vulnerably people and end the scourge of homelessness in Scotland for good."
The Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan called upon UN member states to adequately and fairly reflect interests of the countries vulnerably to climate change during further global actions, including in the new global agreement on climate change problem, which is under preparation.
Her tiny eggs hatch from February through April, vulnerably drifting as far as 3,000 miles north on Gulf Stream currents, reaching all hospitable river mouths, which they'll ascend, often moving back and forth between fresh and brackish waters.
Further, 378,600 people are classified as being either vulnerably poor or seriously poor.