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In the hotel breakfast room, eating thick brown bread spread with good butter and plum jam, Ovidiu's vulpine smile metamorphosed into something feline: the officious, faintly dubious smile of a diplomat.
Songs about class warfare, wax babies, or dentally polished vulpine suitors have been deemed by many revival performers to be more cutting-edge than bucolic odes to the ploughman or naive pastoral love songs.
In The Island of Doctor Moreau, when the Fox Woman is described as "vulpine" (hardly surprising in a fox) and "speculative" (or curious, another unsurprising trait in a fox) (Moreau 154), Stover seems to think "speculative" relates to financial speculation, and therefore announces that the Fox Woman is Jewish.
Princess Volupine, voluptuous and vulpine in the poverty of her decay, has to entertain the "barbarian" visitors who come to the city with their money and their Baedekers--such as Burbank with his Baedeker and Bleistein with his Cigar (a vulgar and ostentatious emblem of "money") (Henry James's terms, qtd.
It is not unreasonable to set traps to keep foxes from entering hen houses even in the absence of evidence of prior vulpine intrusion or individualized suspicion that a particular fox has an appetite for chickens (Kennedy, 1989).
However, his antics enrage three grumpy farmers, who resolve to put an end to their vulpine neighbour's thieving ways.
But, after a political season in which words and worldviews formerly dismissed as vestigial or vulpine worked Tea Party political magic, this timely study is written about the winners: the business executives who waged a decades-long mobilization to undo the New Deal liberal order and its intellectual defenses, to discredit regulation and progressive taxes, to break union power and welfare-state expansion, and to celebrate free-market income inequalities.
These noisy vulpine couplings have been part of the soundscape at Rhug for quite a few weeks now.
"But I have often sensed that others have the influence of the beasts upon them: the porcine, the bovine, the feline, the equine, the vulpine, the canine, even the ursine.
At the end of the 1940s, the epizootic of vulpine rabies spread from Poland into the rest of Europe (22).
These include: (i) a variety of furry ears (ones that are cat-like, being pink on the inside and dark-colored around the edges, long rabbit ears, and pointed vulpine ears); (ii) clip-on furry tails that are attached to the strings of the apron or directly onto the skirt; (iii) paw-like gloves (only ever one, presumably for logistical reasons); and (iv) fine lines drawn across the face in make-up to simulate whiskers (only on rare occasions).