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Ms Waft, who sits on the Sheld Steelers committee, said: "I am very surprised and pleased to have won the award.
The group consists of people from varied professions such as IT and management, as well as entrepreneurs and those on sabbaticals like Sharma, who has been on around 10 WAFT trips so far.
Georgina Waft, 12, from Clayton |West, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at eighteen months old.
It forms spores that waft away to start another moss cushion elsewhere.
They waft through deep ocean waters until they find a suitable surface, such as a hydrothermal-vent chimney or a cold seep, where inner-Earth compounds leak out.
More commonly, endophyte spores waft through the air in search of a new home.
Public health officials will likely consider limits on smoking in multifamily housing, where smoke from one unit can waft into neighboring units.
True, they perhaps overplay the alternating moods of melancholy and gaiety that waft through "Emeralds," and the corps doesn't quite breathe as one with the Faure score, but Marjorie Hardwick's solos are beautifully phrased, and the supremely elegant Sally Ann Isaaks and Christopher Roman lend a dreamlike quality to their achingly lovely pas de deux.
Archaeologist Patrick Ryan Williams and his team from the Field Museum in Chicago are excavating Cerro Baul, a 1,400-year-old city occupied by the Waft Empire before the time of the Inca.
Spores or tissue snippets of these plants waft along wind currents and can colonize new homes.
By this morning, there was a raging buzz around the Canoga Park store, where glossy Indian magazines fill racks and the smells of assorted curries waft through the kitchen.
Methyl bromide lasts just a few months in the atmosphere before it breaks down, but bromine and other byproducts continue to waft upward and, after a few years, reach the stratospheric ozone layer, says Mike Newchurch of the University of Alabama in Huntsville.